Outreach Resources

Outreach Contact

If you have questions or would like suggestions for an outreach event, feel free to contact the State Office.

As a volunteer, you can extend your efforts beyond monitoring by organizing an outreach event to help raise awareness of water quality issues within your watershed. Community outreach can take many forms, from a small river cleanup to starting a community rain garden. The list below includes some outreach ideas, along with links to help prepare and plan for an event.

Introduction to Adopt-A-Stream


Share your monitoring project with your community. Adopt-A-Stream's workshop presentations are useful tools for public outreach and media presentations. 


Rivers Alive

Rivers Alive Waterway Cleanup

Rivers Alive is Georgia's annual volunteer waterway cleanup event that targets all waterways in the state, including streams, rivers, lakes, beaches, and wetlands.

Enviroscape model

Enviroscape Models

Non-point Source Pollution models allow learners to see pollution and runoff. These may be borrowed from Georgia Project WET and the UGA Cooperative Extension Service 4-H District Offices.

DIY rain barrel

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels capture runoff rainwater from a roof and store it in a tank for later use. Using collected rainwater to water lawns, gardens, or indoor plants is both cost effective and beneficial for the environment.



swale side yard

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are designed to slow the flow of runoff rainwater and allow filtration into the soil.


storm drain maker

Storm Drain Stencils

The public is typically unaware that storm drains flow directly into waterbodies. Educate the public on keeping harmful pollutants out of storm drains by stenciling precautionary messages or designs on storm drains in your community. Almetek Industries Inc. and das Curb Markers offer options to buy and create your own markers.

Kayak group

Local Partnerships

  •  Contact your local riverkeeper to inquire about outreach and volunteer opportunities for your river.
  • Share your data with an organization that specialize in agriculture and nonpoint source pollution. View a list of agencies  Download this pdf file. here


sample article for outreach

Share Your Findings

Write an Download this pdf file. article for your local newspaper, or a  Download this pdf file. letter to your neighbors or local officials explaining your monitoring goals.