Adopt-A-Stream's manuals dive deeper into the science behind different monitoring types and provide more information about the "how's" and "why's" of monitoring. They are great supplementary resources for volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about Georgia's aquatic ecology. 

Title page of the watershed manual



The Getting to Know Your Watershed Manual describes Georgia's watershed ecology, land use and water quality, and provides information on conducting a watershed survey and map assessment. 



Title slide of the Visual Manual



The Visual Stream Survey Manual provides background information on the visual components of river and stream health, including the importance of physical parameters such as flow and sediment size.



Title page of the macroinvertebrate and chemical monitoring manual



The Macroinvertebrate and Chemical Stream Monitoring Manual provides supplemental information on chemical parameters, state standards, as well as macroinvertebrate life history and its relation to water quality. 



Title page of the bacterial manual



The Bacterial Monitoring Manual describes bacteria, E. coli, and why E.coli monitoring is important for water quality and human health.




Title page of the amphibian manual



The Amphibian Monitoring Manual provides an introduction to amphibians, amphibian life history, as well as a guide to Georgia salamander and frog identification. 



Title slide of the wetland manual



The Wetland Monitoring Manual describes the different types of wetland habitat, as well as instructions for conducting visual soil, vegetation and hydrological surveys. 



The title page of the Adopt-A-Wetland training manual.



The Coastal Adopt-A-Wetland Manual provides background information for monitoring with Adopt-A-Stream's coastal program, Adopt-A-Wetland. Find more information on the Adopt-A-Wetland website



Manuals in Spanish

Title slide of the Spanish watershed manual



The Introducción a Cuencas Hidrológicas is the Getting to Know Your Watershed Manual, translated to Spanish. 




Title page of the Spanish visual manual



The Muestreo Visual de Arroyos is the Visual Stream Survey Manual, translated to Spanish. 




Title page of the Spanish biological and chemical manual



The Manual de Monitoreo Biológico y Químico en Arroyos is the Chemical and Biological Monitoring Manual, translated to Spanish.