Adopt-A-Stream Volunteer, Trainer, and Watershed Award Nominations

You may nominate yourself or someone else. Nominations should include a short narrative describing why the individual(s) and/or group deserve(s) the award, how they furthered Adopt-A-Stream's five main goals, and how they excelled in the protection of Georgia's waterways. The narrative section is critical for judges' review and should be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words. Supporting materials such as photographs are accepted and encouraged.

The goals of Georgia Adopt-A-Stream are, 1) increase public awareness of the State's nonpoint source pollution and water quality issues, 2) collect quality baseline water quality data, 3) encourage volunteers to take observations of their adopted site and surrounding environment, 4) encourage partnerships between citizens and their local government, and 5) provide citizens with the tools and training to evaluate and protect their local waterways.

For more details about the award selection process: Award Selection Information

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Volunteer Award Nomination Instructions:

  1. Email any supporting documents such as photos, flyers, news articles, etc to [email protected]
  2. Enter the information into the form below, then click Submit!

Download this pdf file. View Volunteer Award Descriptions

If you are having trouble making a nomination, please email us at [email protected].

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