A Guide to Stream Care in Georgia

Landowners around the state are becoming increasingly alarmed at the condition of streams on their property. The problems facing our streams, including eroding banks, flooding, loss of habitat and lack of clean water, are the result of increased development and other land use changes in our watersheds. These issues can seem complex, but there are many things that landowners and other citizens can do to help improve the conditions of our streams.

Check out the Life at the Water's Edge brochure to learn about:

  • Watersheds, streams, and the problems they face
  • How to address problems with your backyard stream
  • Simple watershed stewardship practices anyone can implement on their property

Information on Native and Exotic Plants of the Southeast:

Georgia Native Plant Society

Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council

Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests - USDA

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants - University of Florida 

Information for Homeowners:

Life at the Water's Edge: A Guide to Stream Care in Georgia 

Rain Gardens

Rain Barrels

Soil Bioengineering Guide for Streambank and Lakeshore Stabilization - USDA Forest Service

Septic Systems Information for Homeowners - EPA SepticSmart